What point is there creating and nurturing communities for our elders if it’s in a world of wild climate swings or polluted air and water? Sundale works on the principle that we need to be solid environmental advocates and balance this with the needs of our customers. We are responsible for our use of natural resources and accept the need to minimise or eliminate that use by improved practices and actions.

Sundale has established a program we call simply – Sundale Green. Through this program we are constantly seeking better and more environmentally friendly ways in which we can operate, whether it be through the use of technology, capture and reuse of water or recycling and reusing as much material as we possibly can.

All of our new developments use orientation, materials and positioning to ensure optimum ventilation, as well as incorporating the use of alternative power sources such as solar in addition to using water capture and reuse progressively on all sites. All developments will incorporate a specific sustainability analysis to ensure that we are across the latest developments and opportunities to give back to the environment.

The nature of the accommodation and services we provide means that our use of water and energy, left unchecked, will be inappropriate going forward. Our commitment and our action will ensure that this is not the case, and that we do indeed do our part in ensuring that we return this world to our children and their children, as they need it to be.