Accommodation, associated services and activities are specific to your needs and we encourage continued engagement with the wider community. Nestled in some sensational surroundings our sites provide you the choice of being as active or as passive as you wish - it's your choice!

Our care starts from supporting you to remain in your own home through our in-home care and rehabilitation services. Whether it is through our provision of retirement living accommodation, residential aged care or housing our services are focused on individual needs and aspirations.

Within Sundale we comply with all regulations and legislation, that’s baseline, we also have a specific philosophy of care that we follow and believe it stands us apart from other providers.

Our philosophy is based around some fairly simple principles:

Our elders have a lifetime of experience and knowledge from which we can learn. They may have some physical or clinical limitations but we work with them respecting their capabilities whilst providing assistance with their limiting capabilities.

We work in the homes of elders, whether it is through our community care or residential care services. This requires an entirely different approach to the thinking that our elders live in our work place. Our facilities are ‘homes’ in every sense of the word and we work to provide the best possible living environment.

Together with our elders, their families and friends, we seek to find opportunities within their capabilities and desires allowing our elders to give as well as receive. This enhances their quality of life giving them a true sense of achievement whilst building self-esteem.

It is recognised that the delivery of the best clinical care takes two hours each day. A positive combination of rest, play and activities over the remaining twenty-two hours ensures a full life worth living.

At Sundale we are part of a large care team that includes family and friends. Just as you visited your loved one in their home and felt part of that arrangement, once they move into one of our care centres, we welcome you to keep visiting. You have been a major part of your elder’s life, this does not stop at our front door.

We have a fundamental belief that the quality of life of our elders comes before all else. To that end we will always focus on their primary needs in preference to undertaking domestic duties, even if this means for example that the bed may remain unmade for a while later than would be normally expected. It is far more important that our elders are happy and cared for, than to worry about things being "neat and tidy" - this is their home.

Our essential philosophy therefore is to provide excellent clinical care in conjunction with delivering a fantastic and meaningful quality of life. Our work is intended to align with the desires and aspirations of our elders, their families and friends. With your help and guidance we can achieve that and more together.