Sundale is an organisation that takes its social responsibilities very seriously. Indeed as a community based charitable organisation we believe we carry an enhanced responsibility to our community.

Sundale has as its core focus, the needs of our community, and works on addressing such needs through our service offers and structures. To that end Sundale ensures that the proportion of disadvantaged people admitted to our services remains at the upper end of the scale, with indeed almost half of all admissions to our residential aged care centres historically, being socially or economically disadvantaged.

Our services however are targeted to the broader community, and a variety of social and economic needs and aspirations. We therefore provide a broad range of services to a wide variety of people, catering to the widest possible scope and aspirations of our customers.

Our priority is to support local business and “put back” into our local community at every opportunity. We support those less fortunate both directly and indirectly, and are fortunate to have a fantastic group of volunteers to help us do just that.

Every cent that Sundale generates through its operations goes back into the community to provide additional services and resources, as we have no shareholders and our “owners” are indeed the general community.

Sundale operates as a business with a strong social consciousness, with the needs of the community as our focus and our driver. The more business like we are – the more charitable we can afford to be.

The safety of everyone associated with any aspect of our operations is absolutely paramount. Our safety programs are second to none and we ensure our facility maintenance has constant attention. Sundale is a member of a Workers' Rehabilitation Self Insurance Scheme, making us one of only three such organisations in our industry in Queensland, and one of a handful across Australia.