Q. Can James Grimes Care Centre cater for my changing needs allowing me to Age in Place?

Yes. James Grimes Care Centre does offer ageing-in-place. James Grimes Care Centre is focused on ensuring your comfort and needs are met whilst preserving your individuality and independence. Residents with all level of care needs are catered for as services include respite care, a registered nurse, support 24hrs per day and memory support units providing specialist care to those living with the effects of dementia. We will discuss with you, your representative (if any) and your medical practitioner (if appropriate) the consequences of your changing care needs.

Q. Does Sundale James Grimes Care Centre offer memory care and support?

Yes. Our memory care suites provide additional security for elders with a cognitive impairment. These suites have given special attention to their design and décor and they have specialist carers and activities to assist those with dementia, emotional illness and other cognitive challenges.

Q. Are the Carers and Registered Nurses available 24/7?

Yes. Registered Nurses and Carers are on duty 24/7. There’s an emergency call system in every room.

Q. Can I choose my own Doctor?

All elders are free to use their own doctor or any other health professional that agrees to visit on a regular basis, is willing to provide us with the required documentation and pharmacy needs, and will make arrangements to provide you with cover in the event of an emergency. Patients are required to meet any costs their doctor may apply.

Q. Do Allied Health Professionals visit frequently allowing consultation and access to services?

Yes. Allied health professionals for example dieticians, physiotherapists, podiatrists and speech pathologists visit the care centre as required by the individual elder. Where required staff will assist elders to access external services.

Q. Is there a hairdressing salon on site?

Yes. Hairdressing Salon is located at the Rehabilitation section of James Grimes Care Centre who regularly to do residents hair.

Q. Can I have a telephone in my room?

Yes you can. There is a provision for phone connection in every room. Family will need to arrange this with a phone provider.

Q. Can I have my own room?

Yes, if available. We have 117 places available in single or twin share arrangements, all with access to magnificent private courtyards or garden surrounds.

Q. Can I bring my pets?

Some smaller pets may be allowed. If you wish to bring your pets please discuss with the on-site manager. We welcome visiting pets.

Q. Will I be able to bring my own furniture/appliances?

You may certainly bring in those things that are important to you. This is your new home. However there may be some limitations with large items. The manager will discuss this with you prior to moving in.

Q. What services and activities are offered?

We have an on-site Lifestyle Co-ordinator that organised a calendar brimming with activities including garden club, bus trips for shopping and sightseeing, walks through our gardens, quizzes, arts and craft and many activities designed to encourage participation of all residents.

We also have an on-site rehabilitation centre, including a heated hydrotherapy pool, and a comprehensive range of allied health experts ensuring you have easy access to a range of professionals to take care of and maintain your health.

Q. Can you tell me about the meals? Can you cater for my dietary requirements?

Yes we can cater for all dietary requirements. Our nutritious and delicious menus are prepared on site by our own chef. A dietician is available to review dietary needs of residents.

Q. How do I get out and about?

We are only 150 metres to a bus stop and 1km (short door to door taxi ride) to the Nambour Train station, hospital and Nambour city centre. If you wish to go out with family and friends a pick-up area is located in an accessible area. Please remember to let staff know that you are going out and when you will return. Staff offer a fee for service to escort residents for off-site appointments if required.

Q. What are the visiting hours?

There are no visiting hours, this is the elder’s home. You are welcome to visit at any reasonable hour. (This is also reflected in our agreement)There is a BBQ area for entertaining and kids love the play area, canteen, our lawns and the bird aviary.