Q. What type of retirement village scheme are the units sold under – freehold, license or leasehold?

All units are under a license agreement. A license agreement is an ingoing contribution paid to Sundale in return for a licence to occupy the right to reside in the unit.

Q. What is a public information document?

A public information document is a document giving details about the retirement village scheme.

Q. What is an ingoing contribution?

An ingoing contribution is the amount payable by a person under a residence contract to secure the person’s, or someone else’s, right to reside in a retirement village, but does not include a recurrent payment for rent, fees or charges.

Q. What are the exit fees?

An exit fee is the amount that a resident may be liable to pay to, or credit the account of, a scheme operator under a residence contract arising from:

(a) the resident ceasing to reside in the accommodation unit to which the contract relates; or

(b) the settlement of the sale of the right to reside in the accommodation unit.
The exit fee for a residence contract, including an existing residence contract, that a resident may be liable to pay to, or credit the account of, the scheme operator is to be calculated as at the day the resident ceases to reside in the accommodation unit to which the residence contract relates.

Q. Are there any additional fees?

All fees are outlined in your public information document however you will be required to pay for your utilities and contents insurance.

Q. How much deposit do I need to put down?

$10,000.00 totally refundable if sale does not proceed.

Q.Can I have a pet?

Some smaller pets may be allowed. If you wish to bring your pets please discuss with the on-site manager prior to entry.

Q. Can my family and friends stay over? How long can visitors stay for?

Yes . There is no timeframe as long as you advise us. Visits lasting over a month requires an agreement from the Site Manager.

Q. Do you have a village bus to take to local shops?

Yes. There are regular bus outings organised by Sundale.

Q. Can I decorate / renovate the unit myself?

Decorate – yes, for example pictures on walls and furnishing.

Renovating – You will need to contact Sundale for approval, including painting. All renovations require an approval form to be submitted to the Site Manger.

Q. Do you have a clubhouse?

Yes. There is a large clubhouse for socialising, committee meetings and activities. The clubhouse has a media room, games room, library, kitchen and a swimming pool.

Q. Is there a retirement village committee? If so how often do they meet?

Yes. The retirement village committee meet monthly.

Q. What activities take place in the retirement village?

There are regular activities which are organised by the activities committee. Activities are listed on mail box notice board. Example of activities are water aerobics, BBQ’s, movie nights.

Q. Does the village have a pool?

Yes. The swimming pool is heated, perfect for year round swims.

Q. Does the village have the space to store caravans?

Coolum Retirement Community does not have space to store your caravan however we can arrange for you to store your caravan at another site.

Q. Is there a BBQ area?

Yes. There is a BBQ area at the clubhouse.

Q. Is there a library onsite?

Yes. There is a library at the club house.

Q. Is there security for my unit while I go away?

The village and care centre have regular security during the night. The maintenance team also check on units when on duty.

Q. Is there access to emergency call system?

Yes. There is a call system connected to the care centre.

Q. Does the village have in-home care and allied health services?

Yes. Please contact our Concierge team on 1800 Sundale (1800 786 3253) to discuss your options.