Often the transition into a Care Centre coincides with ailing health or the realisation that someone isn’t coping and looking after themselves as well as they once did.

With so many aged care service providers to choose from on the Sunshine Coast, what factors should you consider when making a decision?


Where do you want to call home? Do you want to move closer to family, friends or children interstate or do you want to stay local and connected to the local community?

Health and wellness services 

There’s plenty of Sunshine Coast Aged Care Centres to choose from, but which one offers the health and wellness services that best align with your needs, be it emotional, spiritual, social or physical? 

Friends and neighbours 

Who can’t you live without? A large percentage of people overlook the importance of maintaining close relationships with friends and neighbours when they move into a Care Centre. Yes, you’ll make new friends and have new neighbours but I think it’s important you maintain strong links with your existing circle of friends.


How much can you afford? Do you have enough set aside if your needs change or need additional care and assistance in the future?

Continuum of care 

If you’re happy and feel supported in a community, the last thing you want is to move when your needs change. That’s why some people research Retirement Communities and Aged Care Centres through the lens of future needs. At Sundale, we can provide additional care, meals and assistance in your home, if and when you need it. We can also facilitate moves directly from a Sundale Retirement Community to a Sundale Care Centre on the same site, if and when your needs change.


If you’re an animal lover, make sure your Care Centre is pet friendly. Pets are wonderful and can also assist with the transition into a Care Centre.

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Caroline Dixon is Executive Assistant to CEO and Stakeholder Engagement at Sundale