To help simplify the process, there’s a few factors you should consider:


When it comes to retirement communities or senior independent living, there’s plenty of options, however, most people choose to stay local and connected to nearby family and friends and their support network. 

Continuum of care 

If you’re happy and feel supported in a community, the last thing you want is to move when your needs change. That’s why it’s essential to research retirement living through the lens of future needs. Ask yourself, what support or services will I or my loved one likely need in five, ten or fifteen years? At Sundale, we can provide additional care, meals and assistance in your home, if and when you need it. 

Friends and neighbours 

Who can’t you live without? Is it the grandchildren, your friends at church or your mates at the bowls club? Connection to the community is often overlooked by couples exploring their options, but if you’ve called the Sunshine Coast region home for a number of years, it makes sense to explore Sunshine Coast retirement communities first.


If you or your loved one is an animal lover, make sure your preferred retirement option is pet friendly. It’s also worthwhile to ask questions about the fencing situation before moving in, with many free-standing units lacking a backyard fence.


What type of lifestyle can you afford, and do you have enough set aside if you or your partner need additional care down the road? 

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Ingrid Nelson is Executive Assistant to CEO and Communications Officer at Sundale