It’s for these reasons, I’m encouraging team members to apply for a Sundale Scholarship.

The scholarships reinforce our commitment to providing education pathways to team members so they can attain a recognised qualification by removing some of the barriers often associated with further education.

In memory of and to help honor the legacy of Sundale founding father, Clem Renouf, who sadly passed away earlier this year, we have created the Sir Clem Renouf Scholarship.

One worthy recipient will be awarded the Sir Clem Renouf Scholarship, which includes a $10,000 grant which can be applied towards attaining a recognised qualification at university or TAFE.

Multiple Sundale Scholarships are also available to team members to help cover the costs of further education. Tailored to each recipient, $5,000 grants can be spent on course fees, a laptop, reliable internet, travel costs associated with study, computer programs, books etc.

This is the second year Sundale has offered scholarships to team members and follows $67,000 which was distributed to nine staff last year.

The Sundale Scholarships are a simple, yet powerful way of championing staff who deliver amazing care and support to our residents and care recipients.