Q. How can I access Sundale’s private In-Home Care Services?

Call our Concierge Team on 1800 SUNDALE (1 800 786 3253).

Q. What is Consumer Directed Care?

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) is where you decide the level of involvement that you would like to have in managing your Home Care Package. Sundale coordinators work with you on your personalised budget for transparency so you can see and determine where and how your funds are spent, and how much you have saved. All Sundale In-Home Care Home Care Packages are delivered on a CDC basis.

Q. How can I get a Government Subsidised In-Home Care Package?

(Government means tested - contributory costs may apply depending on your personal financial circumstance)

Contact our Concierge Team who will be happy assist you in registering on My Aged Care - 1800 SUNDALE (1 800 786 3253).

Go to www.myagedcare.gov.au to seek information on government subsidised services.

Call the My Age Care hotline on 1800 200 422 – the contact centre employees will ask you a range of questions to gain an understanding of your care needs.

The contact centre may arrange a face-to-face assessment of your needs to be conducted in your own home by a trained assessor.

The contact centre or assessor may then refer you for aged care services - you can then state Sundale as your preferred provider.

Q. What can I use my Government Funding for?

While the intention of a CDC Package is to provide you with flexibility, choice and control, the Government has set some limits about what your funding can be used for. The funding must be used to meet the care and support needs outlined in your support plan, assessment and within the user rights principles 2014.

Q. What does a Government Subsidised In-Home Care Package Cost?

Home Care Packages are subsidised by the Australian Government. While the Government pays for the majority of your aged care fees there is also a basic daily care fee component. If you are a part pensioner your fees may vary according to your income which is determined by Centrelink after an assessment. If you are not eligible for a Home Care Package we are able to provide the care and services you necessitate through our private fee for services, we would be happy to discuss your needs with you.

Q. What does Sundale’s In-Home Care Services Cost?

Please call our Concierge Team on 1800 SUNDALE (1 800 786 3253) so we can discuss your individual needs.

Q. Do you have a waiting list?

Yes, we do and it is reviewed regularly and or when there is a vacancy. Please call our Concierge Team on 1800 SUNDALE (1 800 786 3253) so we can discuss your individual needs.

Q. How long will I have to wait?

It depends on how many customers are on the waiting list at any given time. However, if you require support urgently we can provide services on a fees basis until we find a vacancy for you.